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 Loki´s Laughter - Heathen Humor

This collection of jokes, funny stories and satires is only just beginning.
Here´s the place to tell the pun from the last moot´s campfire.
Support Loki and share your favorite joke with us here !
If you feel your religious feelings could be compromised here,
rent a sense of humor and come back ! 

Blessed Yule!
And also, Happy Hannukah, Jolly Solstice, Merry Xmas, Jolly Boxing Day, Lusty Saturnalia,
Joyful Kwansaa, Happy New Year, Jolly Hogmanay, and a Merry Twelfth Night!


Heathen Jokes and Stories:

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The Creation of the World

The Bubbamal

Beowulf - a little different

Strange Places to Meet the Gods  


Links: Humor on the Wyrd Wide Web 

Lokis Lachen.de - in German / auf Deutsch



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